Delivering the next generation of sustainable light goods vehicles

We’re designers, engineers, strategists and builders. We have over a century of collective experience in the automotive industry. We have worked at all levels with experience in everyday vehicles, commercial vehicles and vehicles that evoke passion. The journey needs to be safe for our communities. The future has to be delivered with zero emissions.

We are the opportunity…

Why Hydrogen?

It’s all about Operational Efficiency. Commercial vehicles are a business tool. They need to carry lots, go far and be there when needed.
Hydrogen can readily facilitate these fundamental needs.



A first step on your journey.
The Powertrain: We will convert an existing Diesel vehicle to zero operational emission hydrogen. This will develop the system and allow us to develop its reliability.



A vehicle designed to be used in our modern age. Designed to fit your operational requirements for payload and range, whilst making it safe and comfortable for the driver.

Our Mission

We will be a great place to work, while working to make a great place to live.

Working together, we will create hydrogen vehicles that improve the health of the community we all live in. 

Our Values

Integrity, decency, trust, collaboration and honesty. 

100% End of life recyclability!

Our Community

This is where we live, work and play. 

We will be a force for good, providing a sustainable industry to power rejuvenation. We will give our community a sense of pride in who we are and how we support them.

Sustainable zero emissions vehicles that improve lives

Economic emissions-free logistics

High value manufacturing and engineering jobs

“Van as a Service”

Community and society programs for STEM and Men’s Mental Health