About Us

We’re designers, engineers, strategists and builders. We have over a century of collective experience in the automotive industry. We have worked at all levels with experience in everyday vehicles, commercial vehicles and vehicles that evoke passion. The journey needs to be safe for our communities. The future has to be delivered with zero emissions.

We are the opportunity…

Green hydrogen, will be a key component in the net zero carbon future

Blue Sky Vision


Route and application modelling to define vehicle and performance needed

Operation modelling, fuel infrastructure design and systems integration

Vehicle tailoring and production for application

Central facility in UK, engineering and producing for UK market and export.

“Truck as a service” supply of vehicle, adaptation and fuel infrastructure

Direct vehicle sales with option of adaptation

Field support and servicing

Fuel supply and infrastructure

Data analytics and operations support

End of life and recycling and reuse

Company Milestones


Company founded on 12th March

Early 2020

Part Funding

Mule Vehicle built and proven with Funding from Innovate UK.


Finalised design

Proven the technological, design and performance capabilities of the IVe Van

Q1 2022




Complete homologation; further testing & establish supply chain

Q4 2022


Planned launch of first fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV)  planned for Q1 2023, the IVE H2lix.

Q2 2023

Meet The Team

Ram Gokal

Chief Executive Officer
Ram has spent his whole career in the global automotive sector. He has held a variety of senior management roles most recently Head of Vehicle Engineering at Alexander Dennis Ltd and before joining Alexander Dennis in 2015, he was Vice President for the Driveline Division of FIAT Powertrain Technologies. Amongst many other international product and vehicle development successes, he has led the development of commercial vehicles with hydrogen and EV propulsion systems through to production; and taken other vehicles from concept, through design, development and launch within major automotive companies.

Donal Mcilwaine

Chief Operating Officer
Donal has a background in sales, customer service and operations most significantly with almost 20 years at American Express where he became Director of Global Real Estate EMEA and led an international team developing new models of products and services. Donal’s key skills are in forecasting and budgetary control, team leadership and business development.

Steve Dent

Head of Engineering
Steve has 30 years’ engineering experience in commercial vehicles, Formula One Racing and aviation (with the Royal Air Force). Most recently as Principal Engineer at Alexander Dennis Ltd where Steve led the design and development of battery electric mass transport vehicles and was responsible for new product and vehicle systems integration. Prior to Alexander Dennis, Steve spent 24 years at McLaren Racing Ltd, the last four years as Project Engineering Manager where he developed advanced chassis systems and structures.

Dr Lara Rasha

SSR Engineering
Lara has an MEng in Chemical Engineering, her thesis resulted in fitting a range-extending fuel cell system into a mobility scooter and designing the power electronics. Her PhD work focused on the management of fuel cells. Recently she has helped Bramble Energy bring fuel cells to market. At IVe Lara is developing our hydrogen and fuel cell system for our applications.

David Wright

Business Consultant
Experienced Group Operations Director with a demonstrated history of working in the food production industry. Strong operations professional skilled in Food & Beverage, Business Planning, Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), Operations Management, and Procurement.

Benjamin Harris

Head of Projects & Programmes
From a motorsport background, Ben has spent the last eight years at Alexander Dennis Ltd as Chassis Engineering Delivery Manager (New Product Design) where he has led project delivery, facilities build and launch management for new products and vehicles.

Pricila Miliari

Head of Design
Experienced for 10 years in commercial vehicle design and engineering, previously has led the design of an EV commercial vehicle and specialising in modularity of design and engineering configuration of complex vehicle assemblies.

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