Innervated Vehicle Engineering re-imagines future of sustainable vans

Start-up firm Innervated Vehicle Engineering (IVe) is developing a new sustainable van that teams up hydrogen fuel cell technology with organic body panels and a non-metallic chassis to create an entirely recyclable vehicle.

IndiGo has been backed by Innovate UK and is scheduled for pre-series trial orders in September 2023

The firm says it’s the latest next-gen mobility disruptor to join the MIRA Technology Park in Warwickshire – alongside companies including Viritech and REE – from where it’s aiming to challenge the basis of the light goods vehicle (LGV) market with its new vehicle.

Intended to bring a solution to rising home deliveries and a lack of viable alternatives to diesel vans for fleet operators, IVe’s IndiGo uses a clean and modular hydrogen fuel cell propulsion drivetrain, organic and non-metallic structural materials, optimised 3D space utilisation, low energy micro-manufacturing techniques and advanced connectivity.

The end result will, according to the firm, revolutionise the productivity of the vehicle, the wellbeing of professional drivers and deliver a zero emissions footprint for the logistics and  delivery sector.

Benefits include lower operating costs as well as lower total cost of ownership due to IndiGo’s projected 15-year lifecycle – the firm says it will last 128% longer than the average diesel van. IVe  is also developing a retrofit solution for larger operators with existing diesel fleets.

Full technical details have not been revealed but the fuel cell solution is said to provide emissions-free, high-payload, 600km (373-mile) range capability. It uses a modular hydrogen drivetrain packaging that means IVe customers can be “agnostic” to fuel cell or hydrogen storage hardware suppliers and have the flexibility to upgrade or change sub-assemblies without the compatibility issues common to OEM-only solutions.

IVe’s van-as-a-service offer will also include fuel infrastructure and supply.

To aid use, the vehicle platform at the front has been laid out to optimise driver safety and manoeuvrability with a wheel-forward design, while payload has been enhanced with a low, flat floor with scope for an optional driver rest pod. A central driving position enhances all-round visibility and minimises costs for operators working in both left- and right-hand drive markets.

It also features latest tech such as all-round driving cameras with HUD displays in the A-pillars to help solve vehicle prangs, while van theft has been tackled with all-round keyless entry, removing the potential for lock-breaking.

IndiGo has been backed by Innovate UK and is scheduled for pre-series trial orders in September 2023, with production orders arriving in early 2024.

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