MIRA Technology Park - the home of Europe’s largest automotive R&D cluster

What should I expect on my arrival at MIRA Technology Park?

HORIBA MIRA and MIRA Technology Park is a secure R&D location where confidential vehicles frequently operate and where potentially hazardous activities are conducted in facilities under controlled conditions. To ensure you have a successful and safe visit, please be aware that we have some site specific controls in place that we ask you to respect.

Your host will advise you which security Gate to register at when you arrive. As you approach the Gate, please pull into the car park on the left hand side of the road before walking to the Gate (all vehicle occupants will need to be registered). Drivers will be issued a parking permit upon their arrival.

If you require any assistance please call Reception on +44 (0)24 7635 5000 or  Security on +44 (0)24 7635 5229.

For more information please Download the Mira information brochure