Why Hydrogen?

Its all about Operational Efficiency

Commercial vehicles are a business tool. They need to carry lots,  go far and be there when needed. Hydrogen can readily facilitate these fundamental needs.

Green Hydrogen

Ensuring our hydrogen is produced in a sustainable manner by using off-peak renewable electricity, is fundamental to our ethos.

By using wind turbines and other renewable generating systems, they become a more effective asset.

Hydrogen Network

Soon hydrogen will also be shipped to the point of use by hydrogen trucks.

Soon hydrogen will also be shipped to the point of use by hydrogen trucks.

Batteries are not the complete solution

Battery sustainability from processing to end of life is a challenge. Although we currently use a small battery, we’re looking at ultra-capacitors as a sustainable alternative.

  • A hydrogen powertrain can have significantly higher recyclability, the fuel cell is almost 100% recyclable.
  • Batteries can add significant weight, taking up payload, and much needed space.
  • Recharging can significantly impact operational efficiency.
  • Hydrogen offers “recharge” times of less than 5 minutes.

Conversion efficiency

The Hydrogen Spectrum

Hydrogen is produced in many ways; some of which are less than desirable when taking full consideration for their true impact on the environment.

  • Brown & Black [Coal or Lignite]
  • Blue – [Natural Gas & Steam
  • Gold [Recycling abandoned depleted oil reservoirs]
  • Green [Solar or Wind]
  • Grey [Natural Gas or Methane]
  • Pink (Purple or Red) [Nuclear Energy]
  • Turquoise [Methane Pyrolysis; Hydrogen & Solid Carbon]
  • Yellow [Solar]
  • White [Naturally occurring]

A new way of working

Since early 2020 when the company was formed, IVe has developed an innovative, fully sustainable zero emissions  highly efficient powertrain combining a hydrogen fuel cell and ultracapacitor/battery.