Producing a hydrogen alternative to Diesel

Market Entry Strategy

Central build facility builds Modules and Kits, Converts Vehicles, Builds IndiGo and Develops regional partnerships to build for their areas.

Expanding to the EU, then USA and finally Australasia, localised build plants using UK produced kits to convert or build IndiGo.

– Buy back and recycle of used vehicles
– Van as a service
– 7.5-11 tonne vehicles added to light vehicle range.


0 M
Vans on UK roads of all ages and all usage types
£ 0 B
250k LGVs sold per year in UK alone
1 M
Delivery vans replaced every year in the UK
1 M
Vans produced annually in the European Union

For every van we take off the road, we can save up to:

0 Tonnes
of CO2 per year

Battery Electric Vans cannot replace a Diesel vehicle one-for-one.

0 km
Travelled each day per van over 2 x 8hr shifts per day
0 T
Of goods carried by each van every shift
1 T
Of Carbon Dioxide emitted by a Diesel every year
Sustainability goals can’t be achieved by BEV alone.
Refuelling and recharging are key pain points.
TCO and deliveries per shift are priority decision makers.

Makes sustainability as easy as 1-for-1 

Our patent pending proven hydrogen propulsion system breaks new ground in efficiency and power.

H2lix Converts existing vehicles. Brings us to market in a year with our sustainable hydrogen propulsion system.

IndiGo brings a central driving position, back office integration, and a forward thinking intelligent control system to an exciting new vehicle. Coming to market within 3 years

A modular hydrogen powered system replacing an existing Diesel engine with: 

Zero tail-pipe emissions

>500km range

5 minute Re-fuel

12-15 year life

1500kg Payload

If would like to know more or become an investor in Ive please get in touch.