IVe Secures Innovate UK Funding for Hydrogen LGV Development Vehicle

Innervated Vehicle Engineering (IVe) has been boosted by a substantial grant from OZEV in partnership with Innovate UK.

IVe is a highly innovative company dedicated to enabling sustainable zero emission freight. Through smart integration of a hydrogen fuel cell using its pioneering Propulsion integrated Management (PiM) system, IVe is revolutionising the light goods vehicle sector.
The UK’s “Road to Zero” commitment to zero tailpipe emissions for all new vehicles by 2030 will bring fundamental change to the transport industry and in particular to the light goods vehicles (LGV) sector.

3.5tonne LGVs, requiring only a standard driving license, have always played a significant role in the commercial market being used in a variety of roles such as delivery, transport, or support vehicles in almost all business and service sectors; the UK alone has approximately 2.25 million 3.5tonne LGVs. Strong growth in home delivery and hub and spoke distribution trends (driven by ever growing on-line buying trends) has increased demands upon LGVs which continue to represent the highest growth rate across all commercial vehicle sectors.

Electric Vehicle (EV) technology is currently the accepted solution for low / zero emissions drivetrains; EV can be delivered through two key technologies, either battery or hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicle. To date, this response is primarily through the development of BEV’s which for commercial (3 tonnes and upwards) vehicles have significant drawbacks of limited payload and range.

IVe directly addresses these drawbacks by developing a zero-emissions FCEV using its PiM system delivering a one-for-one replacement for existing Diesel LGVs with equivalent range, payload and performance.

“This OZEV funding in partnership with Innovate UK accelerates our building of a test vehicle allowing us to demonstrate performance and a range of over 650 km; matching existing ICE LGVs and far exceeding BEVs. This will be fundamental to developing our PiM system and bring us to market with conversions and our own vehicle up to 6 months earlier than we could have alone.”

IVe CEO Ram Gokal. A real advance along the “Road to Zero”.